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Legal Aid

At BCKM Solicitors in Edinburgh, we offer access to legal aid.  Entitlement to legal aid will depend on criteria established by the Scottish Legal Aid Board.

Entitlement will depend upon the merits of the case, the interests of justice and the individual’s financial eligibility. 

In civil legal aid cases, subject to financial circumstances, a contribution may be payable.  As of April 2014 in some criminal cases a contribution may similarly be sought.

In both civil and criminal matters, initial meetings, including police interviews, may be covered by first stage legal aid (legal Advice and Assistance).  This is subject to eligibility.

Contact us to discuss whether you may qualify.

Please visit the Scottish Legal Aid Board website for further information about legal aid and your possible entitlement.

Do I qualify for Legal Aid?

To qualify for legal aid you require to satisfy the merits and means tests.

Please view the Scottish Legal Aid Board website for further information.

Do you require Legal Aid?